Clinched AIR 5 in GATE 2019 only through self study and perseverance.

Clinched AIR 5 in GATE 2019 only through self study and perseverance.

Susrita Chatterjee   posted on October 17, 2019,      Category: COMPETITIVE EXAMS

Sayantan Bhattacharya

Generally, a frustrated person is motivated by saying, “Never give up. Wake up! Wake up! Gate 2019 topper(Rank 5) Sayantan Bhattacharya proved these above-mentioned words true. He is a person who never gives up. After the fifth trial at GATE he placed an example to all the future upcoming aspirants. He completed his B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from Dr. B.C. ROY Engineering College,Durgapur, West Bengal in 2014 and then pursued his M. Tech degree from National Institute of Agartala in the year of 2017 in Power Electronics and Drives. Let us know his preparation tips which will be a guide to all the future aspirants. We, the whole team of Engilife congrats him for such a great achievement.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am Sayantan Bhattacharya. I am from Siliguri, West Bengal. I pursed my B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from Dr. B.C Roy Engineering College, Durgapur in 2014. Then I have completed my M.Tech on Power Electronics and Drives from National Institute of Technology, Agartala in 2017.

How was your expression when you got to know your result?

I was totally mesmerised and did not know how to react. I gave exam as well as I could. I had expected a good result but whatever I have got is beyond my expectation.

What was the paper you have appeared in? What is your score and rank?

I appeared in GATE 2019 Electrical Engineering Paper (Paper Code: EE). I secured an All India Rank of 5 in the paper. My GATE Score is 944 and my marks is 95.67 out of 100.

Was it your first attempt?

No, actually this is my fifth attempt at GATE. I have tried in 2014, 2015. 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Why did you appear for GATE?

Actually, I heard about GATE exam when I was in fourth year of B.Tech. I heard about the multiple facilities and opportunities, open to one successful student. Then I made up my mind to give the exam and started my preparation as I have a dream to work in one of the top PSU. PSU recruitment is the only reason for me to give the exam.

When did you start your preparation?

I started my preparation for GATE 2019 from July 2018.

Please share your preparation strategies with us. What was your method of studying? Did you take any coaching?

No, I haven’t taken any coaching. My entire preparation was based on self-study. Although, I would like to add that I had taken test series of Kreatryx, Made Easy and Ace Academy which helped me to a great extent in improving my accuracy and eliminating silly mistakes during exam.

Did you take any online coaching? What do you think about the benefits of online coaching?

Well I think online coaching only help students to brush up concepts whatever they learned earlier but for deep understanding of any particular topic I suggest to go through text books. I did not take any online coaching. But personally, I did not tell anyone not to go through those online coaching. It totally depends on the aspirant.

Can you please share your tips for the aspirants?

For final year candidates who will be attempting GATE for the first time, I would like to suggest that they should start their preparation while in 5th or 6th semester, preferably 5th. For self-study students, the ideal time to start GATE preparation is April. They should first go through the standard textbooks for each subject to clear their basic concepts and also purchase any coaching institute handwritten notes, which are readily available online, for reference. One should dedicate at least 10-15 days for each subject including making notes and solving numerical. They should complete one subject before moving to another. This way the first phase of preparation should be completed by September end or mid-October. After that, it’s just revision along with test series right up till the GATE exam.

Can you please share some books which may help the aspirants?

I followed standard textbooks for different subjects which I am mentioning below. Additionally, I purchased Made Easy handwritten notes of every subject and followed them to make my own notes and build my concepts. Also, I used Ace Bits and Bytes to practice numericals. (a) Network Theory- William H. Hayt and A Chakrabarti (b) Electromagnetic Field Theory- Matthew N.O. Sadiku (c) Measurement- A.K. Sawhney (d) Control Systems- B.S. Manke and A. Nagoor Kani (e) Signals and Systems- Alan V. Oppenheim

When did you take recreation? What did you do then?

Sometimes, when I got stressed, I used to watch a movie or a TV show episode to clear up my mind.

How should you schedule answering the GATE exam-which section to attempt first and which next? Did you have any strategy?

I can share my strategy of answering questions: First, I started from technical section. I solved the one or two 1-mark technical questions (the ones I knew and could solve correctly) and then moved directly to the 2 marks technical questions. I then sequentially started solving the 2 marks technical questions. I skipped and marked for review the ones I faced difficulty with. My target was to complete 30 questions in 1.5 hours after which I moved to General Aptitude section which I completed in 20-30 min. Then I moved to the 1-mark Technical questions, which I tried my best to finish within 45 min. The rest of the time, I dedicated to solving questions marked for review. This was the strategy I developed over the course of my preparation through test series and it proved to be very effective in the main exam.

What do you think about mock tests? How useful are they?

Mock tests are the most, I repeat the most crucial part of GATE preparation. It lets you judge where you stand among the thousands of other GATE aspirants who are attempting the same mock tests. It serves as a necessary tool to harness your capabilities and improve your accuracy to the fullest. It also allows you to develop a strategy to attempt the questions in an effective manner so as to reduce the chances of making silly mistakes, which play a vital role in deciding your rank in the main exam. Merely solving previous year questions won’t suffice. It may allow you to crack GATE but it won’t be enough to fetch you a good score.

Can you please share some tips which must be followed during exam time?

I can share a major problem of students through which I have also suffered is palpitation and nervousness. I suggest to be cool and tension free. Just recapitulate all the things whatever you have read in your mind and think that if you cannot answer anything no one will answer that.

How did your teachers and parents help you?

I share my success, my achievements with my teachers and parents. They motivated me a lot. In fact, they supported me in my failure also. Without any doubt, I can say that I am here for their guidance and useful tips. Hope they will with me in near future also.

According to you which should be followed to get success in GATE exam- gaining knowledge or practicing the existing knowledge?

I think the more we practise the more we represent. Knowledge gaining is important but every exam is a representation of our knowledge, that may be limited but sufficient for representation. So, I think practising the existing knowledge with the continuation of gaining knowledge is the best way to crack any exam.

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