Hrishi Patel: Google Summer of Code student with Sugar Labs.

Hrishi Patel: Google Summer of Code student with Sugar Labs.

Abhishek Pandey   posted on September 14, 2019,      Category: GSOC

Hrishi Patel.

Hrishi Patel, 19 years old, pursuing Computer Engineering. He successfully completed GSoC Project with Sugar Labs. You can checkout his LinkedIn profile here:

Why didn’t you prepare for other Examinations like GATE & CAT, Why GSOC?

I’d say preparation of GATE & CAT are different than how you prepare GSoC. I currently have no plans to give those exams.

How was the journey of GSOC started?

My journey for GSoC is quite interesting and unique, unlike the ones you normally see. It started from participating in Google Code-In 2014, I did a number of tasks with Sugar Labs. I participated in GCI 2015 and 2016 too. When I was 17, I became a GSoC 2017 mentor, I was one of the 12 other under-18 aged mentors. I later mentored students in GCI 2017 and GCI 2018, and in GSoC 2018. All the projects I was mentoring were completed successfully. In November 2018 I thought of participating in GSoC 2019 as a “student”, and so I started preparing for it by discussing the project I wanted to work on and contributing to the organization (which I’ve done in the past). I then constructed my project application and asked my mentors to review it multiple times before I submit, and then the results came on May 6th, I was selected as a student! Yay! I am now the first guy to participate and complete GSoC in my college.

What was your experience after competing GSoC ?

I haven’t abandoned my project after GSoC, I am still contributing to the organization, and still working on my project.

What was the most challenging part of your journey?

Managing school work like assignments and exams while also working on your project could be hard sometimes. With a good management plan, that won’t be an issue. The development of my project have been pretty smooth with little to none road blockers.

What are your future plans?

I’ve plans for higher studies after I complete my Engineering. I am currently learning DL and other stuff and plan to keep creating projects to learn and be excited always.

A brief about your Internship & other experiences if you have in your B.Tech lifespan?

The number of technical activities were very little in my college. I started a club for technical activities and it has been pretty successful. I’m yet to have more exciting experiences in my B.Tech period except what I’ve had till now, that is GSoC, Hackathons, always learning and working on new projects.

Does GSoC certificate help in getting a job?

I’ve heard that it does help in getting yourself shortlisted during interviews. Any awesome experience from which you can learn alot will definitely help.

What will you tell to students who are aspiring for the same that you have achieved?

Never stop asking questions, even if you feel embarrassed. No matter how small is your doubt, if it isn’t solved right now, you will have to do it later, but by that time it’d be complex.

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