An IET Lucknow student who bagged a package of 37 lacks in Microsoft.

An IET Lucknow student who bagged a package of 37 lacks in Microsoft.

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Shivang Bansal

He has passion for coding and always thinks different. Read further to know how he made it to Microsoft.

Hello Shivang,What was your life before you get placed at Microsoft??

Till 12th I was completely unaware of CS. In 9th standard I got brilliant environment as admitted in Toppers section. From there, I got interest to prepare for IIT, prior to that I was planning to go for medical.I started coaching of IIT in Aakash at my hometown Saharanpur.I have batch mates of 8 friends. We left Aakash after 3 months and joined Local teacher and were scoring well in coaching tests. Then the result came and as to most of the students happen I also ruined everything.But I didn’t give up and decided to take a drop. After a year preparation also I was unable to get decent college through IIT mains and ended to ECE branch of IET lucknow by UPTU. But was able to get CSE afterwards and from there my journey of coding started.. In 1st year I told to a senior that I am planning to go for MBA at any IIMs. So in 1st year I will do coding and from 2nd year I will start coaching of CAT and continue coding as well. In 3rd year I will do whatever I will be enjoying with out of two. Then he told me to join CAT in 3rd year, it is rather more perfect and do coding in 2nd year. After that I continued to do coding as my interest was in it and was able to grab job in Microsoft.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

The most challenging part arrived when my result of Boards and IIT mains were declared, I screwed up everything. I didn’t get to know how did that all happen to me. I was not selected in any of competitive exam after just intermediate. So I decided to take a drop.
This time even my teachers were confident about my selection in IIT JEE. But the worst thing was that I had to appear again for all 12th boards exam as I was lagging with 2 marks of boards in IIT cut off . After 1 week of boards, I appeared for IIT mains. After results I scored 90% in CBSE boards and 174 marks in IIT mains, somehow I realised that I got my mains ruined due to my boards.Again I was not getting good college through IIT mains.

How was your college experience?

In first year, I was a very simple and decent boy. Since I was a day-scholar, I would come to college, attend the classes and then go home. I worked with two magazines also-Nai pidhi and Rise of India for one year. I concentrated very much on studies in first year. Around 2nd semester, my brother had established a company in Lucknow for web development and I got to learn about Jango and all. I have joined the Training and Placement team of IET LUCKNOW. While working in T&P, I have made many PR relations and this has helped me to grow and learn.

How did you overcome initial mindset challenges during your preparation?

I appeared UPTU at that moment and was able to grab good rank. I was too persistent that anyhow I have to opt for only CS branch. But unfortunately I got ECE branch in IET Lucknow and I fixed it because of some family pressure that it’s a good college and all.Now I aimed to go in Google but in very first week in college I realised that with this branch I won’t be able to do so. I decided to go for IAS. Then a 3rd counselling of UPTU came into force and fortunately I got CSE branch in IET Lucknow.

How to crack OFF-CAMPUS placements?

You have to be very much active on LinkedIn and all these platforms and should regularly check them up. You should take guidance from the seniors about the different procedures and timings of different placements. You could send CV to different HRs but this has very little chance of getting you interview. I think the best chance is to get REFERRAL. This is tested method to get you at least an interview with the HR.

Please tell us about your journey as coder?

I found totally different atmosphere in CSE,40 to 45 students out of 65 were aware of Computer and its languages. I was unaware of even basics of computer.In first year, I cleared Class tests of C language by remembering codes rather understanding them. In first year, where some students were making calculator, I was finding trouble in printing Hello World. After one month, there was a session of a final year senior where I got to know that our fellow senior wants to teach us C language and he was none other than Nishant Bansal Sir. I just went through him and told him that I want to do coding but I don’t know even basics and I need guidance. So, Nishant sir started classes in C. Then I started with Let Us C, then came semester time and I was fed up with syllabus of C. Somehow I managed to clear this Subject by learning codes with little bit of understanding.

It was time of 1st semester End and there was one month winter vacation.I started doing my own, I started on Codechef and kept on revising the concepts that Nishant sir told us. When I came back to college in Jan in 1st year, I have programmed approx. 25 questions on Codechef till then and have got fair idea about syntax and operations in C.

What should one must do to get a job profile like you.?

Firstly you should clear about the field u want to go either Job, CAT, GATE according to your interest not Package.For getting such profile, you need to focus on Data Structures, algorithm and Competitive Programming.

How to crack off-campus placements?

Any aspirant can crack off-campus placement by regular practice (irrespective of no. of question, practice as much as you can) & by doing good projects in skill or domain of your interest (like Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Software development). Even can do many times better than me. Reference & resume also play a important role.I myself got referral for Microsoft that worked a lot in shortlisting of resume. Build resume of single page unless you have any industrial experience. Show your Internships, Courses,Certificates and most important part Projects.

What should be the journey of a student in four year of college according to you?

If a student is interested in job.Firstly choose the domain (like Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Software development)of your interest, for that try to introduce yourself with each domain little understand its applications and accessibility considering your capabilities and prerequisites to learn it. Then try to build up yourself with good and workable skills so that u can make good projects in that domain Simultaneously make good hand in Programming by practicing 2-3 questions regularly at any platform like Hackerrank, Codechef and never miss coding contests at these platforms built up your DS and Algo part that is also necessary part along with your projects.

At the same time try to connect yourself with people and Companies working in same Field of interest and Domain then try to ask them referral this helps a lot in grabbing a descent placement.

Please provide a brief overview of your placement process at Microsoft? What was your mindset during the interview?

In Month of November, I got to know about recruitment in Microsoft by fb post of my friend.Then I applied, my CV was shortlisted and they called me for Technical and other rounds, at the end of all round approx. last of January in my final Year, they offered me a Business profile job, I rejected it as I was confident on my skills.

I left any hope regarding that, but again after 3 months, in April I got an email from Microsoft that there is position of software developer and I am shortlisted for technical and other rounds. Again I started my preparation, I had hardly 1 week time left.

Fortunately I cleared each round.There were 4-5 rounds depending upon performance in rounds you clear it. During Last round, I was disappointed because I was unable to solve a question given by one of interviewer. I only represented the approach to solve it and then interviewer discussed with me and his response was not so favourable. They told me that they will inform me through mail. Fortunately I got selected for designation of Software Engineer in Research and Development department of Microsoft.

Which all Internships you have done?

I got internship at TCS in Software development, there I learnt and experience an industrial environment. At the end of 3rd year I got another internship in US based startup in Machine Learning domain. There I learnt to work in projects apart from coding I also developed my skills in development and Machine Learning through this Internship.

How did you manage academics along with coding?

Coming to academics, as every company ask for some minimum percentile to get enrolled for placements. U should also focus academics so that u would be eligible to cross cutoff of medioker as well as good companies.Make your concepts clear regarding core subjects like OS, DBMS, DS, DAA in CSE Branch in academics because companies also ask your concepts and approaches to these various core subjects of your branch.

What do you like to tell the students who are appearing for such type of exams and placements?

Firstly choose the domain (like Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Software development) of your interest, try to build up yourself with good and workable skills so that u can make good projects in that domain. By regular coding & giving different coding contests at different platforms(life codechef,hackerrank etc). Be confident on your skills & most important one shouldn’t go for only package to such profile which is not sort of their interest and this attitude should be present to every student.

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