Story of a guy who got selected in Paytm

Story of a guy who got selected in Paytm

Aaditya Rai   posted on August 22, 2019,      Category: Job

Rishab Khemka

Started handling projects for NGOs in 9th standard, got selected in Paytm, another name for passion, hardwork and consistency, he is none other than Rishab Khemka of I.E.T Lucknow.

Hello Rishab, How did your journey start?

Hmm. I will tell you about my journey from the beginning. I did my schooling from Monfort inter college, Mahanagar. From the childhood, my interest was mainly in Techno-Management. I was interested in Maths and Computer from the starting. It was around 9th standard that my father bought me a desktop and as I was interested in web designing, so I taught myself HTML & CSS. As about engineering, I was only interested in doing from Computer science department, so I opted for Computer science and Engineering in IET Lucknow.

Around 10th standard, you started working with NGOs. How did that happen?

I got interested in social work and so applied in an NGO named Alexis foundation and got selected. I was the youngest person working in that NGO. After working for some time with them, I started managing their projects based on Lucknow. It basically dealt with cleaning campaign throughout the country. I also made two websites for their projects and worked extensively with Moh. Bilal who was the head of technical team, eventually I got to work on around 5 projects. I made my NGO - Lakshya Incarnated Foundation. I was made India Coordinator of Let’s do it and I opened around 8 chapters of it throughout the country. During that period, I met with Anita Bhargav and she inspired me a lot.

How was your college experience?

In first year, I was a very simple and decent boy. Since I was a day-scholar, I would come to college, attend the classes and then go home. I worked with two magazines also-Nai pidhi and Rise of India for one year. I concentrated very much on studies in first year. Around 2nd semester, my brother had established a company in Lucknow for web development and I got to learn about Jango and all. I have joined the Training and Placement team of IET LUCKNOW. While working in T&P, I have made many PR relations and this has helped me to grow and learn.

Tell us about your journey as a coder.

I did competitive coding but was not very much interested. My motive is to devote my time for something by which I could develop something and has a wider application for the society welfare. While working with System manager of my college in developing the college website I learned about CMS(content management system) on Drupal platform. This has played a big role in my selection in Paytm.

How to crack OFF-CAMPUS placements?

You have to be very much active on LinkedIn and all these platforms and should regularly check them up. You should take guidance from the seniors about the different procedures and timings of different placements. You could send CV to different HRs but this has very little chance of getting you interview. I think the best chance is to get REFERRAL. This is tested method to get you at least an interview with the HR.

From where did you do your internships?

From Google in 2nd year and Mozilla in 3rd year. In interviews, I have been asked about these internships. In Google, I had to work two weeks on-site and for the rest of the time from home. In Mozilla, it was of one month duration and stipend was given.

How did you manage academics along with all these internships and learning?

Just sleep less. Don’t feel burdened by work. You should atleast maintain a 7 CGPA.

What was the process of your selection in Paytm?

Actually Paytm has 8 rounds. First you have to clear online test then written test and at last the interviews. Interview process of big companies are very much planned. They ask questions from easy to moderate to hard. I have a cousin working in PAYTM as senior manager, he referred me and in this way I got the chance for the interview. I had three technical rounds and one managerial round of interview. In managerial round, they give you a situation and you have to explain them as what will come out of that problem. I was selected as System-manager in Research and development department.

What tips would you like to give to other students to help them with their career?

My suggestion is that where ever you are JUST LEARN. Do make some observation and try to get something from whatever you are doing. You should take guidance from the seniors and get comfortable with them. Personally, I get more comfortable with seniors than with my peers. I think due to this, I am sometimes ahead of others in my field.

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