Story of a guy who cracked Google Summer Of Code

Story of a guy who cracked Google Summer Of Code

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Vivek K. Tiwari

Vivek who come from a middle background family says “First of all I don’t consider myself as an engineer. I consider myself as an educated person.” The reason being he considered himself as a brightest student before engineering. I used to get good marks, I was a good learner. Talking about his 10th & 12th he says that he has completed 10th standard from DAV Public school Hazaribagh and 12th from St. Thomas School Dhanbad. He got 9.8 CGPA in 10th & 85% in 12th from CBSE board . He says “I chose engineering keeping in mind that engineers earn better than others. I used to like math. I thought that I would get to know more about math & physics in engineering. Then Kota happened. I went to coaching and it changed my way of learning. Earlier I used to learn but now, I sticked to get answers. How easily or how quickly you get answers is what coaching teaches and slowly I started loosing interest . I couldn’t clear my JEE Main cutoff in first attempt so I took drop & in 2nd chance I could manage to get 14K rank in advance But my family wasn’t satisfied at all. They were expecting a good rank. I was compared with some of other students. LNMIT was not my choice , I took this as a worst backup, after result declaration this institute was my only hope. In first semester, when I went to computer lab , I was first to solve all the problems of C for which my teachers told that you have cheated and started giving less marks, which was very discouraging. Slowly I started not doing the questions & then I cheated . I am from CSE Branch. I started moving towards management & organized events. In first year I was co-ordinator of E-cell & vice chairman of IEEE. People started to recognize me as a management guy. I started thinking that I will take non-technical job. In 3rd year someone challenge me that Vivek you can’t get any technical job. That was like a push for me. I had very little knowledge about technical things . I was in the situation where I could solve the questions but couldn’t explain it to anyone.”

Q. How was the journey of GSOC started ?

It was all because of that challenge . I started learning R language on UDACITY platform. My logical thinking was not so good , my friends used to solve the questions very easily but I took ours to solve the same. So I started to participate in online competition rather than only learning online. In my college open source development is in trend & G-soc. We are in top 10 from all over the world to produce the most no. of G-SOCERS. So I started working on open source development . I kept it to myself and didn’t tell to anyone ,because I thought everyone will laugh on me. It was around November in 3rd year when I started preparing for open source projects. I found an organization on projects for statistical computing which was based on R- language. I managed to get a mentor from it . he sent me some article and guided me. I used stack overflow for correcting the errors which I got and then things started working out. For anyone who is for G-SOC he should start looking for organization from December itself. If u go to google archive then you will get to know that which organization is going to participate next year . if any organization is participating from last 3-4 years then that is more likely to participate next year. You should have any particular language in mind. It is all about strategy how u manage it. You should have atleast two organisations in your mind. You should take a few projects from these organisations and start learning about those projects. Every organization has documentation on how to get mentors . while approaching a mentor you should be polite and be very sincere. I started reaching out to all the G- socers from my college from past years . some of them helped me . I could remember some of them as Sonali Gupta, Kuldeep Grewal one of my friend Viswesh Jaykunia. I struggled a lot in terms of technical things . when the results of G-SOC came out it put everyone of the college in shock. I started getting calls from my seniors because everyone was surprised. While I was looking for G-SOC I aimed to get the money offered by G-SOC. I thought to get half amount by just participating and being selected in first round and then leave out. But when I was selected then I came to know that rules have changed and I have to complete first evaluation to get first amount and second evaluation to get second amount. That was very surprising for me and it was then I thought of completing the program. My mentors were very supportive. One very bad incident happened during those days that my aunt died. That was very bad period for me. I was also having a backlog which I had to clear. Things went parallelly.

Q. what was your experience after competing G-SOC ?

In march I was selected for zonal representive for IEEE. My task was to handle all the students from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka . these things were during G-SOC and I hadn’t got result of G-SOC yet. IEEE invited me at Male and after completion of G-SOC I went to Male and this was like a treat to myself.

Q. what was the most challenging part of your journey?

The most challenging part was to convert myself from managerial guy to a technical guy. One of the most important thing was to survive during 3 years of Kota.

Q. How did you overcome initial mindset?

I say ‘ having good friends is very important ‘ . when I went to Kota I had very good group of friends. My friends were from Jharkhand and from Bihar area. I didn’t get good marks in tests and then I got pressure from family who said that you were topper of 10th and now getting such low marks. In college I started doing managerial activities where I overcomed everything.

Q. what is your future plan?

I have taken education loan So I can’t apply for higher studies due to economical problems. I will go for software developer and will be looking for data analyst or will try for management part also.

Q. why didn’t you prepare for CAT while having good interest in management?

Because of money problem. Since I have already taken a loan of 7.5 lacks and I do not want to take further any loan. I haven’t got any management degree but I have work experience from college events more than any MBA students.

Q. Where did you do Internship?

I did marketing and analyst internship in local startup after first year. In 2nd year I did internship in digital marketing for two months in Bengaluru.

Q. Does G-SOC certificate help in getting job?

The one thing which happens is you get noticed. Resume shortlisting becomes very easy for you.

Q. What is your strength ?

If you give me any task, I will definitely complete it.

Q. what will you tell to students?

Don’t ever think that why the bad things always happen to me. It happens to everyone. Those who face it with hard mentality could excel it and those who do not, get into more problems, just think that whatever happens, it happens for somethings good. According to me language doesn’t matter. The only thing you need is hard work and persistence.

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