That one chunk of Chocos.

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One day I was returning home from my college. I was waiting for the auto to get filled then suddenly a girl came. She would be around 6 or 7 years old and she asked me to buy a rose from her then what I was supposed to do? 

I regularly see these children wandering near a metro station in order to sell these things sometimes they sell pens, sometimes roses and I like an ordinary inhuman person ignore them 

(I think from there we start to be inhumane because we don't know that in reality, they haven't eaten anything? Are they really starving? But we ignore as if we know everything that they are supposed to lie to us and we are supposed to ignore them).

God this is a dilemma. Am I bad? Like the majority of the crowd of the world?

I am. I know. But I wish not to be. Maybe 1 day I won't.

Coming to the story again. I refused to buy her roses but then I recalled that I wish not to give her money but I can give something to her in kind. That day I bought Chocos for me. I kind of like to eat it with milk. It is like corn flakes for small kids. Then I offered her that. She gets surprised by seeing it and out of excitement she asked me what is it? Is it eaten with curd? It was obvious she wouldn't have seen this packet before and she doesn't know how to eat this. She saw milk pictures on the packet so she assumed it as curd. I clarified the doubt of the innocent kid. Then I opened the packet but by mistake, it got scattered a bit, some chunks came out of it and they fell on the seat and the girl picked it and eat it.

I wasn't able to refuse her from eating it from the seat because for me it was trash but for her, that one bit was all. 

She must have learned the taste of the chocos at that time. She must have liked it. But I didn't see her after that maybe because of my fluctuating time of arrival but I wish that I or maybe somebody can give her that packet every time she becomes hungry.

What does it cost me? My 1 side traveling cost of 1 km from the metro station to college? or my 1-time snack? I don't know. I know about my self and you know about yourself!

Mayuri Singh

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