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“” aims to connect the engineers to solve their daily life problems during their engineering life span. We provide study material which they want for their studies. The material we provide is interacting and centralized which makes study more interesting and fluent. Basically we are providing the crucial and important questions and answers in a concise and point wise manner that is very effective in overnight exams preparations. We are here to make the life of college students very easy so they can perform well in their academics and projects. We guide students for their career options and about the opportunities and scopes in their respective fields. This reduces noise in their career planning. “” gives a platform where you can connect and collaborate with the students of other colleges for your projects or any query related to academics. We care about your privacy, your identity will not be reviled unless or until you share your information to others.


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Aaditya Kumar Rai

A Computer Science graduate at IET Lucknow who likes to make things simpler with the help of innovations and emerging Technologies.

Abhishek Pandey

A Computer Science graduate at IET Lucknow who is always trying to push boundaries in search of great breakthroughs.

Vishal Kushwaha

Thinker. A curious being. A Learner